Suki Kimono by Helens Closet

I did plan on making the Suki Kimono for the #Sewmystyle challenge but life got in the way and I missed the reveal date. Hey ho, that is just the way it goes sometimes…..

I had been looking forward to this pattern for ages and it did not disappoint! It is beautiful and I must say I feel very fancy wearing my lovely kimono.  The Suki comes in two lengths, to the knee or a midi length with 3/4 sleeves and the option of pockets.  Inside there are inner ties and the outside tie belt is anchored at the back with belt loops in the side seams. I made my Suki to be dressing gown but you can choose to make it as a cover up, there are some great hacks on the Helens Closet website to change it up a bit too.

I chose a rayon challis fabric from 1st for fabrics and love love love it! It is beautifully soft and came with matching guterman thread for free. The Suki came together nicely, there wasn’t anything that was too difficult. The only step that I had to stop and have a think about was the band around the neck.  I followed the pattern as is and went for the shorter traditional neckband.  I did have to go to the Suki sewalong on Helen’s website and check the pictures to make sure I was going in the right direction.  I didn’t add the pockets as I have mentioned before I don’t like adding extra bulk at that particular area of my body.



I wear my Suki at every opportunity, I love sitting in the garden in the mornings with a cup of tea before my girls wake up.  I would recommend this pattern to anyone even if you do not need another dressing gown.  It feels very luxurious and lovely on, I now just need to make myself a fancy pair of pyjamas to go with it!




Happy sewing!  x

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